Boiled Peanuts

I love these things. Little salty bites of yumminess. I grew up on them. They are one of those southern food items, like turnip greens and cornbread, which are just part of the culture in the South. Like most things in this area of the country, nobody could make them like Grandma. Or, in my case, Granny. So much of my early life is colored by this woman, my mother’s mother. So many dishes remind me of her and of the time I spent at her house. Each summer my mother, desperate to get my brother and me out of the house and out of her hair, would take us to spend half of our summer vacation with one set of grandparents and then the other. Both sets of grandparents lived in rural Mississippi so many things were to be had at both locations. Cows, dirt, red-bugs, good food, and love being just a few of thoses things.

What you will need:

A pot

The simple explanation is this: Put peanuts in pot, cover with water, salt water, cover pot, and boil until desired doneness.

However, there are a few more things to consider.

1. The peanuts you will be boiling. If you can find them get green raw peanuts, these make better boiled peanuts. However, if you can’t find green peanuts just get some regular raw one. The only thing you NEED to make sure of is that they are raw, not roasted or anything.

2. When is say salt the water I don’t mean a pinch or some other small amount. Remember, the salt is the only flavoring you are using so you might be surprised at how much you will need to use. That said, there isn’t a formula like “for ever 1 lb of peanuts use 2 tbsp of salt” Sorry. It’s one of those things you get a feel for over time.

3. The length of time that you boil the peanuts for varies depending on how soft you like your boiled peanuts. I like my peanuts on the softer side so I usually boil my a little longer. However, the general rule of thumb is between 2-4 hours. After 2 hours, try one and see if it’s soft enough. If not, boil longer.


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