Baked Chicken

It’s simple and easy. It’s the fall-back main dish in my house. It’s baked Chicken.
There are probably hundreds of ways to bake a chicken. Hundreds of ways to flavor them and things to flavor them with. Hundreds of different viewpoints about what temperature to bake them at and for how long. So I will not say “this is the world’s best baked chicken” but it’s the way I bake it and I’m pretty happy about it.

You will need:

A chicken – Duh
Olive oil
Greek seasoning

Now, I’m about to impart on you guys a secret. The secret, as I see it, of a good baked chicken.

Wait for it . . . . . . . . . . .

    Get a small chicken.

(You guys better be glad I don’t know where you live or I might have to kill you.)

With a large bird you sometimes end up overcooking the meat near the outside while waiting for the meat near the inside to cook. You end up with dry, tough breast meat. Ick. I try to get a bird that weighs as close to 3 lbs as I can. This sometimes means you can find me bent over, digging though an entire bin of whole chickens. (That’s a lovely mental image.) I’ve even asked people in the meat department if they had smaller birds in the back when there wasn’t anything under 5 lbs to be had. I usually won’t buy anything over 4 lbs.

Anyway, about baking that chicken.

I like to rinse the bird with cold water first. Depending on the source you get your info from that may or may not make a difference. I’m going to continue to do it if it’s all the same to you. 😉

Now we come to the part that my mom and I differ on. Nothing like coming to blows over but she has given me the silent treatment a couple of times. (Not really.) She seasons the bird and then rubs it with olive oil. She says it makes the seasoning stick. I think that’s bull and you end up rubbing the seasoning off. I like to rub the bird with olive oil and THEN season it. I think it gives you a crispier skin. And since this is my blog I’ll rub with olive oil first if I dang well want to.

I like to bake my birds on a baking pan. One of those two layered pans where the top layer has slits in it and the bottom layer can catch the oil. I call it a baking pan but it might have some other name.

I cook them at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I might be able to bake a chicken but I can’t cut it up to save my life. I mean look at that!!! I massacred that thing.


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