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Jumping on the Contest Bandwagon

So, it seems that everywhere you look people are having contests. That’s cool. I like contests. So now I’m throwing one myself: a TOMATO contest. But, I got to tell you, I have a couple of ulterior motives. 1. My tomato plants have started working overtime and I need to figure out what to do with all these blasted tomatoes. I love tomatoes, don’t get me wrong, but I’m running out of ways to use them and I just don’t have then energy to can them right now. 2. I kind of want to see how many people actually read this blog enough to submit a recipe. So here we go. These are the rules.

1. The recipe has to feature fresh tomatoes in some way. It doesn’t have to be the MAIN ingredient, but it does have to be important. An example would be the Fish Creole I posted about. That would be acceptable.
2. It needs to be some sort of main dish or a side dish that involves cooking of some sort. No “toss sliced tomatoes with olive oil and salt; serve.” That also rules out salsa. Sorry guys.
3. The recipes need to be submitted by midnight, Thursday the 21st.
4. Up to 2 recipes per person.

The prize will be a $10 gift card to the store of your choice. The options are Wal-Mart, Petsmart and Target.

Judging will not be done just by me. I’ll do the cooking and some of the eating but a few others will be in on the decision as well.

E-mail recipes to me at

Put “Tomato Recipe Submission” in the subject box.

All right, get to it!!!


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Fish Creole

So, remember when I said I lived in Louisiana for a bit while I was growing up? This is a recipe from then. It’s a really simple recipe that captures the flavor of Creole cooking. If you opt for the canned tomatoes instead of slicing up fresh ones then it doesn’t take long at all to get in the oven. It’s also not to heavy. It’s just an all around great meal.

You will need:

4-6 filets mild white fish such as tilapia or speckled trout
Creole seasoning
1 stick butter
1 medium green bell pepper
1 medium onion
4-6 stalks celery
1 large can diced tomatoes

Preheat oven to 350. Melt the stick of butter in the dish you will be cooking the whole shebang. I usually do it in the oven while it’s preheating. Keep an eye on it when you do it though or it will start to brown. Season the fish with the Creole seasoning and arrange in the bottom of the dish once the butter has melted. Chop up the bell pepper, onion and celery and spread over the fish. In Creole cooking bell pepper, onion, and celery is considered the holy trinity of aromatics. You will find this combination in pretty much every Creole dish there is. I like to chop up my aromatics pretty fine but it’s up to you how you do them. After you spread the aromatics over the fish pour the can of tomatoes over the top. If you want to use fresh tomatoes just slice up enough to cover the top. Bake the dish for an hour and serve over rice.

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